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The Bassist Of CTE?
Which Song Do These Lyrics Belong? : 'Well I keep searching for an answer, but time will never tell and you will never know.'
They're from which city?
The Rhythm Guitarist of CTE?
True or false : Andy was the second vocalist who joined the band in 2012?
The Johnny Trilogy is a battle of struggle between Johnny (the victim) and who?
Which song do these lyrics belong? : 'This won't be my last stand, you can't take my life away.'
True or False : Andy is Mexican?
Lead Guitarists last name?
Which label are they signed to?
Their second studio album is?
Which sing do these lyrics belong? : 'The Masquerade is lit ablaze, surrounding me as fear consumes my soul'
How many members are in CTE?
Finish these lyrics : 'As I stare into these ruins made by man_____________________________'?
Which song do these lyrics belong? 'And now I see the hour hand moving faster and faster'
On the CTE tour bus, Andy's bunk is called what?
CTE's fans are given what nickname?
Finish these lyrics : 'Looking for nothing short of a miracle, I only ever wanted to come home________________'
The name of their debut EP?
LAST QUESTION : True or false : The band commits themselves to a drug and alcohol free lifestyle?

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