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Has facebook interests as 1770 Castaway
Lived next door to Alan Titchmarsh
Was born in iran
Got straight A*s at GCSE
Kicked a ball at his face, via a wall
Had an obsession with a member of Hear'say
Loves boats
Let us throw tennis balls at him
Flipped kevin potter in the air
Did kalin fantasise over
Loved Adam Sandler movies
Was Challenger house captain (Boy)
Got suspened for having vodka in a lucozade bottle
Has the record for the highest smashed tile
Punched a whole in the wall outside the sports hall
from Perins was involved in strip poker at tom coles (girl)
Had a dog called Tango
Was afraid of litter
Dad worked at Perins (full time)
Got spit roasted on a car
Married name is Turnbull
Moved to Wales in year 8
Got **** by 3 guys in 1 night
although not called it, whos actual name was Charlotte
Had a swimming pool in her garden
apart from Jonell who bathed George
loved Ramstein
Used to get chocolate cake and slice of pizza nearly every breaktime
completes the record breaking 4*100m relay team Ben R, Steve M, Tom B,

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