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Who is the team captain?
What are the team colors?
Who has the record for most touchdowns thrown in a game
What is the record for most touchdowns thrown?
Who is the coach?
What is the assistant coach's name?
What is the team mascot?
What number does Alex Moran wear?
What number does Thad Castle wear?
Who is their Rival?
Where is Alex Moran from?
Name a famous NFL player who went to BMS.
How many championships does Marty Daniels have?
How many wins does Marty Daniels have?
Who holds the record for most wins that Marty Daniels is chasing?
Where is Thad Castle from?
How many times has Thad Castle been an all-american?
What position does Thad Castle play?
What is Alex Moran's high school record for most passing yards?
What school does Craig Shilo transfer to?

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