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hiccups dragonis the of spring of thunder and death it self
fishlegs dragona large slow bolder class dragon with a 6 shot limit
snotlout's dragonenjoys setting its self alight
astrid's dragoncan shoot spines from its tale
ruffnut's & tuffnut's dragonhas two heads one breathes gas and the other lights it
stoick's the vast dragoncan make a loud sound that is strong enough to kill a viking
a small and curious dragon a unpredictable stoker class dragon
shoots scolding hot water from it moutha tidal class dragon that can not be out of the water for to long
uses it teeth to burrow undergrounda scary boulder class dragon that can shoot spines form any part of his body
the biggest dragon know this dragon was killed by hiccup and toothless
leaves a mark on the ground and fly's like a boomerangthis dragon was discovered by hiccup and was not in the book of dragons
can camouflage its body and shoots dangerous acid from its mouththis dragon is extremely hostille

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