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Facts about the Flat Hat Club
What year was the FHC founded?
Who was a famous member of the FHC?
Where was the FHC located?
What are the characteristics of a modern Fraternity (four of them)?
Facts about the Triads
Who were the 3 members of the Union Triad?
What year was the Union Triad was founded?
Who were the 3 members of the Miami Triad?
What year was the Miami Triad founded?
Some good old early PKP history coming your way..
The founders were upset that they could not gain positions in what group?
What college did the founders attend originally?
How much was tuition for the year?
What group did the founders create before PKP?
What does 23 stand for?
Who were the 7 founding fathers?
What was the address of the first PKP meeting?
Who's house was it at?
What day was the first meeting?
Who was the first archon of PKP?
Who penned the first minutes?
What color was the ink?
Who came up with the Pi Kappa Phi?
Who proposed the pin?
Who came up with the initiation ritual? (two founders)
Who was the first Initiated member of PKP?
What day was he initiated?
Where are the supreme laws held?
Where was the Beta Chapter?
What day did PKP officially register with the State of South Carolina?
Where was the Gamma chapter?
What founding father helped create the Gamma chapter?
What day was the Gamma Chapter founded?
What chapter operated in secret (sub rosa)?
What does Nil Separabit mean in English?
What does OΥΔΕΝ ΔΙΑΣΠΑΣΕΙ ΗΜΑΣ mean in English?
Who created the original Pi Kappa Phi Journal?
What is the Pi Kappa Phi Journal known as today?
What year did Kroeg die?
What disease did Kroeg die of?
Who opened the first administrative office of PKP?
What year was this office opened?
What city was it opened in?
What concept did the PKP chapter at Polytechnic Institute of New York introduce?
What is the Greek name of their chapter?
What was PKP's 25th anniversary gift?
What was PKP's 50th anniversary gift?
What was PKP's 75th anniversary gift?
What was PKP's 100th anniversary gift?
When is Pi Kapp College held for executive members?
When is Pi Kapp College held for regular members?
What did supreme chapter ban in 1936?
Who became executive of PKP in 1956?
What chapter is this righteous man from?
What chapter does the executive office honor through its name?
Who was the first Mr. Pi Kappa Phi?
What chapter was the gentlemen from?
Who created Push America?
What chapter is this man from?
What is PKP's risk management policy called?
Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PKP?
What chapter is he from?
What year did he become CEO?
In 1994, who was recognized as a founding father?
What is the Student Creed?
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What is the Mission Statement?
What is the Vision Statement?
Some facts about the Ability Experience..
What was The Ability Experience's original name?
Then it was called what?
What is the Mission Statement of the Ability Experience?
What is the Vision Statement of the Ability Experience?
What are the 4 core values of the Ability Experience?
What are the 3 areas of focus for the Ability Experience?
Here are some local history questions..
Who drew the original letters on 626 Landfair?
Who drew the coat of arms on 626 Landfair?
Who was PKP (Eta Sigma)'s first chapter advisor?
Where was our chartering banquet held?
Where were the written and oral exams for our founders held?
What does every brother present their date with at a formal?
What song did Ben Hofilena introduce?
What founding fathers were identical twins
Who founded Scour.net?
What brothers founded Dance Marathon at UCLA?
What day was Eta Sigma chartered?

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