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Can you name the guru boys members past and present ?

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Greatest of all time
The gaffa
the priest
a 'wheely' good player
the gurus answer to emile heskey
probaly the smallest keeper in the world
'bare'ly plays anymore
the loud tubbier one
the quiter quicker one
good luck with the spelling
natural poacher (especially in practice)
should be in goal but plays at the back
the makelele of the gurus
our own stevie g
made a 'guest' appearance
looks like a lampost, plays like...
new import, already banging in the 'curlers'
used to be a regular but was too 'rude'
is a lampost, plays like a ...
'if he was blind he would have saved more'
our only real CB, moved to the U.S
the 'good' one (whatever)
almost lost his hand giving everything for the team
most skillful player so rob never wanted him back
our least fit player, lost him to burgers and sanwiches
original centre mid, lost him to norwich city
our oldest ever player,wouldnt know it tho
keeper that always gives maximum effort
a true guru legend, one game, about ten goals
good luck with the spelling 2 (younger bro)
probably the best player for the first 4 seasons, cm dynamo
original member, never made it to the wimbledon branch
made an appearance when we only had 4 and our arch rivals gave us their 'best' player. Might actually be our oldest ever playerthats all he was ever known as

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