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Can you name the date of legislation during the reign of Henry VIII?

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DateLegislationLegislation Description
1530Attack on Heresy against Catholicism
1530Attacked the power of the Catholic Church to exercise power through ecclesiastical courts in England
1531Fine of 119,000 * pounds
1531Church was willing to give power to a degree hence God Clause
1532Stopped payment of Annates to Rome Bishops could be consecrated by English authorites Challenged Papacy
1532Clergy could not enact Church Law without permission. Existing Church Law was to be examined by royal commision. Henry complained that Clergy only gave him 50% loyalty due to Pope
1532Clergy accept King as lawmaker not Pope
1533King was supreme head of church. Rome had no power over matrimonal cases. Cramner declared marriage null and void Marriage to Anne declared Valid
1534Confirmed First Act. Abbots and Bishops appoinnted by King
1534Abolished payment of Taxation to Rome
1534Appeals in Ecclesiastical matters to be handled by Kings court and not by Archbishop's court
1534Anne and Henry's marriage declared valid Children would inherit crown Treason to deny
1534Henry's lack of tolerance of religious diversity
1534Henry is Supreme Head of Church right to visit Monastaries
1534Listed key Treason offences Words spoke as loud as actions.
1534Clerical Taxes would go to King not Pope
1535Swing to reformist influence over Henry
1535Cromwell commissioned this survey into the wealth and condition of church
1535Opposition to break with Rome quashed
1536Saller Monastaries worth less than 200 pounds closed down
1536Henry Married Jane Seymour next Day
1536Seven Sacrements reduced to just 3. Clear move to Protestantism
1536Ordered Clergy to Defend Royal supremacy, Adandon Pilgrimages, Pay for education of lords Prayerthe Ten Commandments and scripture
DateLegislationLegislation Description
1537Lost 4 Sacrements rediscovered. evidence of drift towards Protestantism include no mention of Transubstantiation. Moss glossed over status of priests were understated Purgatory only implied
1537Protestant version that had kings permission
1538Threat of invasion by France and Spain
1538English Bible to be placed in all parishes by 2 years. Pilgimages discouraged Canterbury shrine destroyed.Relics were removed.
1538Henry's commitment to Catholicism
1538Leads to Change in religious policy
1539confirmed Transubatantiation, Mass, Confession banned marriage of preists taking of communion by lay people denile of Transubstantiation led to burning
1539All monastries closed and land and money passed to Crown
1540Sister of Protestant Duke of Cleves
1540Daughter of Catholic Duke of Norfolk
1543Bible only accessable to nobles
1543Revised Bishops book defending Transubstantiation and Six Articles Written by Henry himself encouraged preaching attacked images
1544Replaced Latin Litany although priests did not have to use it
1544Cheke was a Protestant Humanist
1545Allowed for Disolution of Chantries
1546Evidence of Henry's commitment to Catholicism
1546Ensured a Protestant influence for Prince Edward

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