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Can you name the harry potter spells?

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hintsanswersextra hint
lights a full roomused by harry in book3
opens doorused by hermione in book 1
stuns oppomentused in all books
extiguishes light from wandused in all 7 books
dissarms oppomentused in book 2-7
ignights a light from wandused in all 7 books
cast shield around a place/buildingused to protect hogwarts in fanal battle
shoots water from wandused in book 4,5,6 and 7
slowdown jinxused by madame hooch in book 5
locks doorused in book 5 by harry, nevill and luna
creates a deep woundsnapes home made spell
repairs objectused in most books
levitation spelltwo words
creates a pratronusused books 3-7
hintsanswersextra hint
alltering memoryused to allter memorys by hermione in book 7
killing curseused regulary by voldemort
destoys objectused in book 5 and 7
shoots fire from wandused in most books
hangs person upsidedownused in book 7
cruciatus curceused by harry unsuccesfuly in book 5
confuses enemyused once
imperius curseused books 5-7
creates a port keyused in book 5 by dumbledor
summons objectused in book 4
reflects spellsfirst used in book 2
body-bind curseused in book 5
knockback jinxused in book 5

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