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Can you name the Lyrics to Where I Belong by Motion City Soundtrack?

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LineMissing lyric
______ _______, how you doin'?
I've got all these thoughts just _______ _______ my brain
They bump and they collide and cause a flurry of _______
And it's _______ on my nerves
I try to _____ _______ together
fighting off this ________ _________ when I can (sometimes I do)
But this shitstorm's never ________
And the atmospheric pressure's ______ for rain
This is what I've got going on, This is ______ _____ _______ tonight
It's _____ in the courthouse
And the left side's all upset because the right side wants a _______ ________
and knows we can't ______ it
LineMissing lyric
I try to _______ ________ this constant tug-o-war machine
But wind up in a _______ ________ game of telephone
There's so much going on and I just need ________ _______ to calm myself back down
Now I forgot where I was. Was it _______ we were talking about?
This is what I feared from the start, I keep _______ _______
What's going on, is this where I belong _______? (What's going on tonight)
________ _______ on, is this where I belong tonight? (What's going on)
I can't stand the thought of _______
Sentences and every _____ of words
I can't _____ the thought of losing
Everything I ever thought _______ _______ _______

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