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Where did FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper eat before reaching Twin Peaks?
What aromatic trees grow in Twin Peaks?
Who might Donna Hayward's real father be?
What does Deputy Andy Brennan do whenever someone dies?
What is Benjamin Horne's wife's name?
Who did Laura give her secret diary to?
What is the Log Lady's real name?
Who shot Special Agent Cooper?
What is Lucy Moran's older sister's name?
What did Leland Palmer do compulsively following Laura's death?
What did Sarah Palmer have a vision of in her living room after being drugged?
What type of flower did Harold Smith grow in his home?
What was Windom Earle's last disguise?
Complete the quote: 'She's Dead. Wrapped in...'
What type of bird is Waldo?
Which letter was under Teresa Banks' fingernail?
How many sycamore trees form a ring in Glastonbury Grove?
Who is the only person Gordon Cole can hear without the need of his hearing aids?
What does Emory Battis give to the girls who've been selected to work at One Eyed Jack's?
During Cooper's Tibetan Rock Throwing Technique, at who's name did Cooper hit the bottle without breaking it?
What is the name of the secret society in Twin Peaks?
How many dots were on the domino in the picture that Hank Jennings sent to Josie Packard?
What was written in blood on a piece of paper in the train car where Ronette and Laura were taken?

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