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Can you name the 2018/2019 rap song from a snippet of its lyrics?

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Forced Order
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You know I ain't come to play let's get it, I'm snappin' of the rip, your h* say I'm her favorite n*gga
Me-meet me at (Song Title), if you find time we can run one
Ice water turned Atlantic, night crawlin' in the Phantom
Two three bands and you thinking sh*t sweet, lil' n*gga I ain't never gon' extend my hand
I got a pack, hit 'em and do it again, f*ck it I'm f*ckin her friend
Rose gold seats on the f*ckin helicopter, double C, no Chanel, 'cause she (Song Title)
Me and Kurt feel the same, too much pleasure is pain, my girl spites me in vain, all I do is complain
I put the new Forgis on the Jeep, I trap until the bloody bottoms is underneath
You got it girl, you got it, you got it girl, you got it
Ten bad b*tches and they after me, one bad b*tch look like a masterpiece
Ayy, cook it up, whip it up faster, diamonds cold swear that sh*t from (Song Title)
I mean where the f*ck should I really even start, I got h*es that I'm keepin' in the dark
I am a menace, keep me a rack just like tennis, I'm with this sh*t like I'm Dennis
We be throwin' money in a spiral, every time your girl hear my song, yeah, I turn her right into my h*
I'm with the game I'm with the mob, what was you thinkin', remember those days and that sh*t was hard, a n*gga been thinkin'
I got black, I got white, what you want, hop outside a ghost and hop up in a phantom
Grrr, pow, Imma skip town, see my wrist drown, everybody wanna f*ck with me for benefits now
Brand new whip got no keys, tailor my clothes not starch, please
(Song Title) puttin' on for the city, (Song Title) he the realest, (Song Title) prolly got a couple million
Hot damn, hot water (Song Title), Hotlanta smokin' green cauliflower

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