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What is the name of Lisa's cat?
What religion is Lisa?
What colour did Marge change her hair to (she later changed it back)?
What state do the Simpsons live in (it never says in any episodes)?
What band Ned secretly obsessed with?
Who does Selma marry?
What shop is Moe's next to?
When Homer must go to his kids school to eat lunch, he sits opposite and child. What is the name of this child?
What nationality is Fat Tony?
What does Marge hid from Homer in the same episode that Homer sat opposite the kid?
When Homer bets against Lisa in a crossword competition, he does what to his hair?
When there is an important test in the school and the dumb kids are taken away, where did they think they were going?
What kind of competition did Homer enter with Moe and no-one else?
What is Marge's maiden name?
What is Homer's Middle name?

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