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What is it called when you put your name more times in the reaping ball to get more food?
When Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill, they are wearing what?
What is the name of the Mayor of District 12?
What is Gales surname
Who was Madge's mothers friend apart from Katniss's mother who died in the arena?
In the First Quarter Quell, what was the different thing about it?
When Peeta tries to convince Katniss that he should sacrifice himself for her, he shows her a locket with pictures of who?
When Peeta drew Rue in flowers on the ground, did they leave it for Katniss to see?
When Katniss asks Cinna how the effect of a fire on her dress was so good, how does Cinna reply?
Who is Portia?
When Katniss finds the fence is lit, then climbs up a tree and when she jumps onto the other side, she twists her ankle. What is her excuse?
Why does Darius become an Avox?
What is Head Peacekeeper Thread's first name?
What drug is often used by Victors to take them away from the real world?
Prim's cat is called what?
How old was Finnick when he won?
What is Johanna's surname?
How did Katniss learn to swim?
Who in the Everdeen family goes back to their old home?
How did Katniss cook the food in the arena?

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