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The cheerios in glee club quit the cheerios
Lauren joins the glee club
There is a new football coach
Finn breaks up with Quinn
Will meats Carl
Kurt returns to McKinley
Sue's sister dies
Will leaves Sue a drunk voice mail (18)
Finn and Rachel break up (13)
Kurt meets Blaine
Kurt is elected prom quenn
Emma and Carl's relationship hits a bump
Artie sleeps with Britanny (5)
Britanny and Artie break up (24)
Will helps Emma work through her OCD
Finn and Kurt's parents get married (9)
Finn is kicked off the football team
Finn and Quinn kiss
Kurt's father almost dies
New Directions sing at sectionals
Puck starts dating Lauren
Puck returns from juvi
The gang heads to New York (28)
Kurt and Blaine start dating
Sue becomes principal
Kurt transfers
Finn and Rachel get back together
Sam and Mercedes' relationship is revealed
New Directions sing at Nationals
Santana starts dating Sam
New Directions win at Regionals

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