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Finn and Kurt's parents start dating
Rachel meets her mother
Quinn gets kicked off the cheerios
Finn sleeps with Santana (21)
Sue leeks the set list
Sue becomes codirector of glee club
Will organizes the glee club
Teri claims to be pregnant
Sue returns
Quinn is kicked out of her house
New Directions sing at regionals
Finn joins the glee club
Quinn has her baby
Emma and Ken get engaged
Quinn reveals her pregnancy
Finn breaks up with Quinn
New Directions wins at sectionals (16)
Sue is fired
Tina becomes interested in Artie (11)
Will finalizes his divorce
Teri becomes school nurse
Will kisses Emma
Sue destroys Will and Emma's love life
Kurt 'comes out' (5)
Rachel meets Jesse
The cheerios join the glee club
Will fights with Teri

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