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What does Hannah steal in Episode 1?
Who is the first liar to get a text from A?
Who moves into The DiLaurentis house?
Who is Aria with when she sees Ezra at the movies?
Who helped Emily when Ben attacked her in the locker room?
What is the name of the boy Spencer meets at the Country Club?
What was the name of the woman who Aria's dad had an affair with?
What sport does Emily participate in?
Who takes Emily to Homecoming?
Who wins Homecoming Queen?
Who falls down and hits her head at homecoming?
Who helps Hanna sell her stuff on Ebay?
Who's dad comes back from Afghanistan?
What movie do Emily and Maya go see?
Which of the Liars was Alison afraid of?
Who's 'glamping' Birthday party do the girls get invited to?
Who 'borrows' money from a client at work?
Who was the older boy Alison was with at the kissing rock?
Who attacks Emily in the pool?
What is the name of the boy who Hanna befriends and allows to stay in her basement?
Who is paying Caleb to spy on Hanna and her friends?
Who gets hit by a car driven by A?
What is the name of the boy that Aria dates who blackmails Mr. Fitz for better grades?
Who does A force Hanna to dance with in order to get back the money A stole from her mom?
What is the name of Alison's brother who comes back to handle her memorial?
What is the name if the police officer that lives next door to Emily?
Who do we find out used to video tape the girls without their knowledge?
What is the name of the guy who shows up in the woods with the money the girls demanded from Ian?
Who gets locked in the Fun House at the Founder's Festival?
Who is knocked from the bell tower and hung at the end of Season 1?
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