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EventYearMore info
Start of 2nd World WarCause was that Hitler was invading European countries and we said No
First FIFA video game releaasedOnly international teams were playable, no clubs
Battle of HastingsIt is said that Harold Godwinson got an arrow shot into his eye
2nd World War finishesAlso known as V.E. Day
First ever African FIFA World Cup heldSpain win with 1-0 victory over Netherlands in final
First GTA game releasedSet in Vice City
Start of World War 1Started on July 28th due to Franz Ferdinand assassinated
Simpsons debut on Tracy Ullman Show Got first full series in 1989
Bastille stormedFrench national holiday on 14th of July
First FIFA World CupHeld in Uruguay, won by Uruguay
Doctor Who startsWilliam Hartnell's start as the 1st Doctor
New Wembley Stadium openedDavid Bentley scored England's first goal at the new Wembley Stadium
First ever James Bond movie releasedWas called Dr.No
First Olympics held in LondonWas originally going to be held in Italy but then Mount Vesuvius erupted
First ever coloured US President gets into the White HouseBarack Obama
First ever US President takes officeFirst president was George Washington
EventYearMore info
England win World CupDefeated Germany 4-2 in the final
Berlin wall fallsCombined East and West Germany
Only Fools and Horses finishesBritain's biggest sitcom ever
First ever modern Olympic Games heldHeld in Athens
English Civil War endsFinished on September 3rd
Roger Lloyd Pack passes awayRIP Trigger
Vesuvius eruptsBiggest eruption of Vesuvius
First ever crossword puzzle releasedFirst produced in the New York World
Japan bombs Pearl HarbourJapan retaliated for USA bombing Hiroshima
English Civil War startsStarted on August 22nd
Lady Jane Grey reigns UK for 9 daysAlso known as the 9 days Queen
First World War finishesFinished on November 11th, which is why that is Rememberance Day
Manchester United do the trebleThe treble means winning the Premeirship, the FA Cup and the Champions League
The first ever Wrestlemania airsThe only Wrestlemania not to feature a World Championship match
Sir Alex Ferguson retires from football managementHe lasted 27 years as Manchester United manager

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