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Can you name these artists by their most common artwork?

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HintAnswerCommon Clue
Las Meninas
Venus of Urbino
3rd of May, 1808
Bronze David
Marble David
Persistence of Memory
The Last Supper/Mona Lisa
Views of Mt. St. Victoire
I and the Village
Birth of Venus
The Nightwatch
The School of Athens
The Broken Column
Death of Socrates
The Joy of Life/The Green Line
Marie De'Medici Cycle
JFK Library in Boston (architect)
The Son of Man
Portraits of Charles I
Liberty Leading the People
Falling water (architect)
HintAnswerCommon Clue
Man at the Crossroads
TWA flight center (architect)
Guaranty Building (architect)
American Gothic
St Paul's Cathedral (architect)
The Oxbow
Guggenheim in Bilbao (architect)
Water Lilies
Luncheon on the Grass
Watson and the Shark
The Gulf Stream
Arnolfini Wedding
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Burial of Count Orgaz
St. Jerome in his Study
The Gross Clinic
Christina's World
The Scream
Raft of The Medusa
The Yellow Christ

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