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What is the name of the company Mark works for? Season 1-6
What is the name of Jeremy and Marks next door neighbour?
What food does mark put in the freezer at the party?
What is the name of the teenage girl Mark meets?
Where do they go bowling?
Who is Marks main love rival for Sophie?
Who is Mark’s boss
What is the name of Jeremy’s uncle who dies?
Which singer does Jeremy compare Jesus to at the funeral?
Who does Jeremy meet at Rainbow Rhythms?
How many flavours of crisps does Mark have on his picnic
What is Mark’s sister called?
What university does April attend?
What 5 hour long film does Mark watch with Sophie
What fundraising event does Mark do with Sophie?
What do the muggers steak from Mark?
What does Merry give to Jez and Super Hans for free?
Where does Mark go to propose to Sophie?
According to Mark, where does nobody die?
What is Sophie’s mother called?
What is Sophie gifted for her birthday?
What is the name of Mark’s project to merge sales and marketing?
Who is Mark’s personal trainer at the gym?
What is Jeremy’s job at the gym?
What do Mark and Jeremy accuse Matt of doing in the pool?
What is the Orgazoid’s actual name?
Who does Mark invite to the Orgazoid’s house
What is the name of the dog Jeremy runs over?
Whilst eating the dogs leg, what does Jeremy say he is eating?
How does Mark decide whether or not to get married
Question Answer
When trying to get himself ran over, what does Mark call the driver
What does the driver call mark?
Who does the burglar claim he is looking for when Mark finds him?
In what episode of season 5 do we first meet Dobby?
What is dobbys actual name?
What is the name of Mark’s Australian ‘girlfriend’
What nickname does Jeremy give to the gun he finds
What is the name of the Jeremy and Super Hans’ manager?
Who is Mark’s main love rival for Dobby?
What is the name of Jeremy’s Russian girlfriend?
Where does Jeremy go to to get his girlfriend bread?
What is the name of JLB Frankfurt’s manager?
How many different types of lasagna does mark make for the party?
What is the name of Mark’s and Sophie’s baby?
What is the name of the club mark and Gerard form?
Who is Zahra’s boyfriend
What vegetable does Mark’s dad refer to as traditional
What is Mark’s dads name?
What does Mark dress up as for New Years?
What publishing company publishes Mark’s book
Jeremy takes a course to help him become a what?
What is Dobby’s ex called?
What is the nickname given to Mark and Jeremy’s carpenter?
When describing his wall, Mark says it is as wet as an ...?
Where is Dobby’s new job?
What is the name of Mark’s short term flat mate after Jeremy is kicked out?
What profession is Angus?
At the dinner party, Jeremy asks Angus if Jesus had a ...?
What are the names of the couple that Jeremy life coaches/sleeps with
What football team does Super Hans support?

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