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Can you name all Spider-Man Villains? (Does include villains that the Web-Slinger have faced off in any sort of media but only in real Spider Man titles)

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First YearVillain NameAlter-Ego
1963Dmitri Anatoly Nikolayevich Smerdyakov
1963Adrian Toomes, Blackie Drago, Clifton Shallot, Jimmy Natale
1963Phineas Mason
1963Otto Gunther Octavius
1963William Baker
1963Curtis 'Curt' Cunnors
1964Maxwell 'Max' Dillion, Francine Frye
1964Frederick Foswell, Janice Foswell
1964Quentin Beck, Daniel Berkhart, Francis Klum, Unknown
1964Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Bart Hamilton, Phil Urich
1964Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff
1965Monster Scorpion, Sam Scorpio, Mac Gargan, Jim Evans, Carmilla Black
1965Nicholas Lewis Sr., Nicholas Lewis Jr., Bennett Brant, Imposter Crime Master, Inner Demons Version
1965Mark Raxton
1966Norton G. Fester
1966Mendel Stromn
1966Aleksei Sytsevich
1967Herman Schultz
1967Wilson Grant Fisk
1969Michael Marko
1969Silvio Manfredi
1970Frank Oliver, Brian Hibbs
1970Richard Fisk
1971Michael Morbius
First YearVillain NameAlter-Ego
1972Martin Blank, Unnamed Criminal
1973John Jameson
1974Miles Warren, Ben Reilly
1974Anton Miguel Rodriguez, Luis Alvarez, Jacinda Rodriguez, Unidentified
1974Maxwell Markham
1976Richard Deacon
1977Jackson Arvad
1978Jackson Weele
1979Felicia Hardy
1980Calypso Ezili
1981Morris Bench
1983Roderick Kingsley, Arnold Donovan, Nad Leeds, Jason Macendale, Daniel Kingsley, Phil Urich
1984Richard Fisk, Sergeant Blume, Jacob Conover, Philip Hayes
1985Alistair Alphonso Smythe
1986Jalome Beacher
1988Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, Ann Weying, Patricia Robertson
1988Jacob Eishorn
1988Gerald Stone
1992Cletus Kassady, Tanis Nieves
1997Carlos LaMuerto
2004Gabriel Stacy, Lily Hollister
2007Martin Li
2011Marcus Lyman

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