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Can you name the All Masks in the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? (Only mask that are found in Majora's Mask and gives Link an special ability, so no Sun Mask, Majora'a Mask or Boss Masks)

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PlaceMask NameAbility
West Clock TownForces Link to Stay Awake
North Clock TownExplodes
Laundry PoolAllows Link to March
Cucco Shack (Romani Ranch)Granting Link More Dexterity
Ikana GraveyardCommunicate With Stalchildren, Go Unnoticed By ReDeads
East Clock TownObtaining a Piece of Heart
South Clock TownTurns Link Into a Deku Scrub
Mountain VillageAllows Link To Talk to Frogs
Gorman TrackSummoning Garo Ninjas
Stone Tower TempleMakes Link a Giant
Ikana CanyonTalk To Gibdos, Prevent Gibdos and ReDeads From Attacking, Catch an Ancient Fish
Goron GraveyardTurning Link Into a Goron
PlaceMask NameAbility
North Clock TownAttract Stray Fairies
East Clock TownAllows Wearer to Ask About Kafei
Termina FieldAllows Link to Dance
Laundry PoolSummoning Keatons
MoonTransforms Link into the Fierce Deity
Deku Shrine (Deku Palace)Allows Link to Sniff Out Magic Mushrooms
Swamp Spider HouseTalk to Gossip Stones, Read Animals' Minds, Detect Hidden Grottos
East Clock TownAllows Link to Check Mailboxes
Milk RoadAllows Entry Into the Milk Bar
Road To Ikana/Pirates' FortressBecome Undetected
Milk BarCalms Angry People
Great Bay CoastTransforms Link Into a Zora

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