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Can you name All Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies? (Does only include already released films, so no upcoming movies are included)

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Release YearMovie NameDirector/Producer
2008Jon Favreau/Avi Arad, Kevin Feige
2008Louis Leterrier/Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd, Kevin Feige
2010Jon Favreau/Kevin Feige
2011Kenneth Branagh/Kevin Feige
2011Joe Johnston/Kevin Feige
2012Joss Whedon/Kevin Feige
2013Shane Black/Kevin Feige
2013Alan Taylor/Kevin Feige
2014Anthony Russo, Joe Russo/Kevin Feige
2014James Gunn/Kevin Feige
2015Joss Whedon/Kevin Feige
2015Peyton Reed/Kevin Feige
2016Anthony Russo, Joe Russo/Kevin Feige
2016Scott Derrickson/Kevin Feige
2017James Gunn/Kevin Feige

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