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Can you name the All Mario Power-Ups (Platforming Games)?

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Gives Mario an additional life
Gives Mario an additional life
Gives Mario 3 extra lives
Increase's The time limit for a level
Allows Mario to fly for a short time, and walk on flowers and clouds
Transform Mario into Big Mario
Temporarily lets Yoshi float in the air
Allows Mario swim faster, slide as a shell and as a hideout from incoming attacks
Allows Mario to get a piece of invisibility
Allows Mario to throw boomerangs at enemies, and to activate checkpoint flags
Allows the gamepad holder to tap blocks to guide the player or to defeat enemies
Allows Yoshi to stand on non-excisting platforms
Allows Mario to be protected from obstacles above him
Allows Mario to Shoot Cannonballs
Allows Mario to fly, and cape spin his foes
Allows Mario to hover in midair line
Allows Mario to create three new platforms in air
Allows Mario to get infinite amount of coins
Allows Yoshi to dash at maximum speed
Lets Mario clone himself, up to 5 times
Allows Mario to throw fireballs
Allows Mario to throw superballs
Lets Mario swim more efficiently
Grants Mario maximum 100 coins
Allows Mario to cast gold fireballs to turn blocks into coins
Lets Mario sneak like a goomba
Angiving idea item, to crush enemy object
Allows Mario to throw hammers
Allows Mario to throw iceballs, or walk on water
Lets Mario skate on the ice, and safely be transported over dangerous environment
Gives Mario unlimited invincibility
Grants the player unlimited invincibility
Lets Mario hop over spikes or other treacherous traps
Doubles Mario's HP
Allows Mario to shine on enemies
Transform Mario into invincible cat Mario
Allows Mario, Yoshi or Wario to turn into Luigi
Allows Luigi, Yoshi or Wario to turn into Mario
Allows Mario to destroy everything in his path
Allows Mario to be Invincible for a short time, and stand toxic and walk underwater
Allows Mario to walk on water and enter small pipes
Allows Mario to turn into random characters
Lets Mario fly infinitely through the rest of the level
Lets Mario to fly infinitely through the rest of the level
Allows Mario to slide, swim faster and throw iceballs
Eats Other enemies and items
Allows Mario to briefly float in the air
Allows Mario to turn into a floaty Mario
Allows Mario to fly in the air temporaril
Allows Mario to fly in the air temporarily and then drill safely back down
Lets Mario temporarily be invincible
Allows Mario to freely fly for about 1 minute
Allows Mario to roll into enemies and objects
Lets Mario drill to the opposite side of a planet
Allows Mario to destroy enemies from above
Allows Mario to jump higher
Same as a tanooki suit, but also gives him the opportunity to turn into statue Mario
Allows Mario to glide, and cling on walls
Lets Mario to climb, claw enemies and run faster
Allows Mario to fly and tail whip
Allows Mario to turn into normal Mario
Lets Mario defeat any enemies and brick blocks
Allows Mario to grant temporarily invincibility
Allows Mario to fly and turn into a statue
Makes Mario temporarily invisible
Allows Mario, Luigi or Yoshi to turn into Wario
Makes Mario Luigi like, with higher jumps
Allows for fly temporarily
Allows Mario to fly in the air temporarily
Allows Mario infinite flight

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