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Can you name the following things that have Fire in the answer?

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Also try: Liquor by Limerick
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A Poorly tuned car will...
9/11 Heroes
Place for roasting marshmallows
The Cult's Contribution
Practice for an emergency
Carries LOTS of Water
Ally on ally injury
A Test for your Feet
James Taylor's Song
You'll get burned if you...
Pending Explosing
New Yorker's Summer Destination
A must-have in the kitchen
Upper Floor Emergency Exit
Pontiac Muscle Car
Dalmation's ride to the fire
Free Speech No-No
Jerry Lee Lewis' Contribution to Top Gun
6 Time Grammy Winning Band
Smoky Bear's Nemesis
U2's 4th Album
Cinnamon Candy
George RR Martin Series (still waiting for the next book!)
Dwight in Michael's Office
Get rid of it quick!
Billy Joel's Song
Independence Day Delight
Johnny Cash's Song
Girls Organization founded in 1910
Trump's Catchphrase
Circus Freakshow Talent
Place to hang Christmas Stockings Over
911 Respondent
Biblical Threat
The Doors' - Come On Baby
Black Ants' Biting Kin
Mythical Beast
Dog's Micturition Target
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
1981 Best Picture Winner
Eastwood Movie
Bruce Springsteen's Contribution
Browser Option
Hacker's Enemy
JK Rowling's Contribution
Omen of the Patron Saint of Sailors / 80s Brat Pack Movie
Stephen King Novel

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