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NYC Suburb
Windy City Southsiders
Billy Idol Hit
Mistake Fixer
Bambi and Relatives
Dense, Small, Faint Star
Widespread Mountain Tree
Popular Christmas Tree
Milled Grain without Husk, Bran, or Germ
Lebowski's Drink
Author of Charlotte and Wilbur
'I Surrender'
Embezzlement or Insider Trading
Tom Sawyer's Chore
Popular Love-Making Music Crooner
Convenience Store Franchise
Blue Collar Commedian
Place for Sliders
Jaws Star
X-Games Legend
50s or 60s Luxury Auto Option
'That dress doesn't make you look fat'
Sound Dampening Solution
Bing Crosby's Best Selling Song
Body's Defense Mechanism
Alcoholic Drink From Grapes
Woody & Wesley's Movie
Rafting Excitement
Jack and Meg's Band
Disney Heroine
Estee Lauder Fragrance
Mens' Constricting Underwear (slang)
Lower Cholesterol Breakfast Alternative
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Cocoa Butter Confection
Rose Nylund or Sue Ann Nivens
Personal Phone Reference Book

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