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Can you correctly answer these varyingly difficult Hamilton character trivia questions?

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Forced Order
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Alexander's dog speaks more eloquently than thee
A spy on the inside, who has a weird thing with horses
This poor guy has a bad cough (oh and he wrote 29 federalist papers)
Anthony Ramos' act 2 character, whom he portrays at 9 & 19 years old, goes by what name?
Who is a general, whee?
He wrote 51 of the 85 federalist papers!
Arranged Hamilton's affair and received plenty of 'hush money' for doing so
He died a mere 4 months after the son-in-law he told to 'be true'
This character was just as 'perplexed' as us at the events of One Last Time
Fatally shot the son of Alexander and Eliza in a duel
She married rich and died young (and was often overshadowed by her sisters)
Maybe/Probably/Definitely had a 'thing' with Hamilton but he was fatally shot by British troops fleeing South Carolina
The actress of Nina in 'In the Heights' is currently playing which Hamilton character on Broadway?
This character's original actress previously played Natasha in the off-broadway production of Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
Lin-Manuel Miranda chose playing Hamilton over this character
19 words in 3 second is a Broadway rapping record and it belongs to what character?
Daveed Diggs returns from France in act 2 as which founding father?
This 23 year old became famous as the mistress of Alexander Hamilton
Christopher Jackson left Hamilton to continue working on his tv show: Bull, but what character did he play?

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