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Forced Order
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'You want me to risk my life for your girlfriend? For your stupid little teenage crush that means nothing?' Episode 12:Code Breaker
'His username is Allison? His password is also Allison?' Episode 12:Code Breaker
'Yeah it's called heartbreak. About two billion songs written about it.'Episode 8:Lunatic
'You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don't ya Danny boy.'Episode 9: Wolf's Bane
'That was fun. Anymore lethal weapons you want to try out?'Episode 10: Co-Captain
'Well I shouldn't say I told you so, 'cause it's not strong enough. How about, I'm always right, and you should listen to whatever I have to say, and never disagree ever for the saEpisode 11:Formality
'There are werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me.'Episode 11:Formality
'Hit him again, and then you'll see me get angry.'Episode 6: Heart Monitor
'What the hell is a Stiles?'Episode 6: Heart Monitor
'I don't know whether to kill it or lick it.'Episode 5: The Tell
'You wanna do homework? Or you wanna not die?'Episode 5: The Tell
'I'm carrying a lethal weapon. If I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries.'Episode 5: The Tell
'You faint at the sight of blood?'Episode 4: Magic Bullet
'No, but I might at the sight of a chopped off arm!'Episode 4: Magic Bullet
'Start the car, or I'm gonna rip your throat out with my teeth.'Episode 4: Magic Bullet
'Because ripping someone's throat out is such a bonding experience?'Episode 3: Pack Mentality
'You know what else sounds fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork.'Episode 3: Pack Mentality
'Where are you getting your juice?'Episode 1: Pilot
'My mom does all the grocery shopping'Episode 1: Pilot
'No a body of water? Yes dumb ass, a dead body.'Episode 1: Pilot

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