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QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
'No. We would just walk around and see what’s what' 'That's a ____ ____ ____'3.12- Sheldon
Let me offer you a compromise. Sometimes when I feel stifled and want a change of scenery, I ____ ____ ____3.12- Sheldon
Is that you, Raj? I don’t ____ ____ ____3.12- Sheldon
Oh, look, there’s a sexually attractive ____ ____, you should chat her up3.12- Sheldon
'You can’t wear the hands on the date' '____ ___'3.12- Sheldon
What if they were ____ who slept with the fishes?3.13- Leonard
It’s not what I want, it’s what ____ wants3.13- Sheldon
Like Enid, Oklahoma. Low crime rate and high-speed Internet connectivity, but no ____ ____ ____. Sorry, Enid3.13- Sheldon
I sense you’re making a joke, but Bozeman does have a comedy club called ____ ____ ____, so do not forward my mail there.3.13- Sheldon
'____ ____ ____? Is that a physics thing?' 'No, that's a crazy thing'3.14- Penny
Of course it is. Even talking to you is sufficiently menial that I can feel the ____ ____ starting to flow3.14- Sheldon
Okay, so to sum up: one ____ ____ ____, one asinine comment, one lonely man and his chicken. And let’s see, who’s left? Oh, that’s right. My plans3.15- Leonard
I’m starting to think ____ is key here3.15- Penny
I no longer stage ____ ____ ____ after 10 pm nd I abandoned my goal to master Tuvan throat singing3.15- Sheldon
'You hate Babylon 5' 'I do. It fails as drama, science fiction, and it’s ____ ____. But you like it, and you’re my friend'3.15- Sheldon
Just chatting. You’re looking at a guy who could very well get stood up by a ____ ____ tonight3.15- Stuart
You boys may have had gelato with Stan Lee and gotten autographed comics, but I saw the inside of his house and got an ____ ____ for a restraining order3.15- Sheldon
Oh, here’s a fun fact, ____ started out as a general term for sauce, typically made of, uh, mushrooms or fish brine with herbs and spices3.17- Sheldon
So, I took it down to this buddy of mine who deals with, shall we say, the ____ ____ of the collectibles world3.17- Howard
Other than the lack of ____, how is it not?3.17- Sheldon
Yeah, I’ll bear that in mind if I’m ever nominated for the ____ ____ ____3.18- Sheldon
How am I doing? I was promised a ____ ____ into the jungles of my subconscious. Instead, I get the same question I hear from the lady who slices my bologna at Ralph’s3.18- Sheldon
Oh, my God. I’m lying in bed with a beautiful woman who can ____ ____. I love you, Penny3.19- Leonard
QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
Because every time we’ve talked about ____ ____ ____, you’ve always had some pretty strong and controversial opinions3.19- Raj
Or fornication. Yeah. But that has ____ ____, so I’ll hold that in reserve3.20- Sheldon
If there’s one thing I like more than a ____ ____, it’s serotonin. Bye-bye3.20- Sheldon
You might want to stand back. I’m sitting on top of ____ ____ here3.20- Howard
When you say ____ ____ ____, you still mean human, right?3.21- Leonard
'Are you planning on kidnapping a woman?' 'Sarcasm?' 'Yes, but mixed with ____ ____'3.21- Howard
Windows that don’t open, multi-user linens, keys shaped like credit cards, as if one walks around with ____ ____ in one’s wallet3.21- Sheldon
All right, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to start a prophylactic ____ of ____3.21- Sheldon
Oh, Penny, excellent. I have a question about these ____ ____. Are the wings truly functional or have I fallen victim to marketing hype?3.21- Sheldon
'Well, I understand, too.' 'You're just ____ my understanding'3.21- Sheldon
Pee for Houston, pee for Austin, pee for the state my heart got lost in. And ____ ____ ____ ____3.21- Sheldon
Dr. Plimpton, Penny is a waitress who doesn’t understand the ____ ____ ____ in the internal combustion engine3.21- Sheldon
Can I ask you a question, Howard? Do you like ____ ____ ____?3.21- Dr Plimpton
Correct. You’ve passed the first barrier to roommate-hood. ____ ____ ____3.22- Sheldon
Not only did Sheldon save my life, he didn’t rat me out to the landlord. Or the police. Or ____ ____3.22- Leonard
I fail to see how a relationship can have the qualities of a ____ ____3.23- Sheldon
How could somebody possibly think we’re going to blow up the moon? That’s a ____ ____3.23- Sheldon
'...put there by a member of a species that only 60 years before had just invented the airplane' '____ ____ ____ ____?'3.23- Zack
He must be ____ ____ at coitus3.23- Sheldon
No, it’s pretty well imprinted on my brain. Especially the whole ____ thing3.23- Leonard
Whatever. Right now, Dr. Sheldon Cooper has to send an e-mail to his perfect match. Greetings, ____ ____ ____…3.23- Howard
I would snort in derision and throw my arms in the air, exhausted by your ____ ____3.23- Sheldon

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