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Forced Order
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QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
'It was… static from the electric can opener we were turning on and off' 'He just went ____, ____ ____'3.01- Raj
Are you saying that you think a ____ ____ is even remotely comparable to a Nobel Prize?3.01- Sheldon
Personally, I don’t care, but ____ ____ wanted me to ask3.01- Howard
Like the ____ ____, I stand alone. Even while seated3.01- Sheldon
'No, I want to blend in.' 'To what? ____ ____?'3.01- Raj
You are the authority on ____ ____3.02- Howard
Ooh, big talk from a man who was once ____ ____ ____ ____3.02- Raj
____. You’re right, that is fun3.02- Leonard
Cruel as that may be, that is not in itself a ____3.02- Sheldon
Boy, that does smell good. ____ ____ ____ ____3.03- Sheldon
I’m not suggesting we really make her jump out of a pool. I thought the ____ ____ ____3.03- Sheldon
'What is your mother going to say?' 'She’s not going to see it. She ____ ____ ____ ____ now'3.03- Howard
'Hey, I happen to love this movie' 'Fine, let’s watch it. Maybe all our ____ ____ ____'3.04- Howard
'Leonard, honey, you don’t have to say thank you every time we have sex' 'Oh. Okay. Tomorrow you’re going to get a ____ ____ ____ ____'3.04- Leonard
Like ____ ____ ____ or like Dungeons and Dragons?3.05- Bernadette
Well, actually, the risk of ____ ____ is very low. On the other hand, severe string burn is a real and ever-Present danger3.06- Sheldon
QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
'So you could teach me?' 'Football or ____ ____ ____?'3.06- Sheldon
Have the ____ ____ accepted you as one of their own?3.06- Sheldon
'How is that not talking to me like I’m an idiot? It’s my friend, it’s my couch, and it’s my freakin’ life!' '____ ____ ____ ____'3.07- Sheldon
'Well, that was rather unpleasant' 'Yeah, I don’t think I need my ____ ____ anymore'3.07- Howard
'Well, I’m sorry, Sheldon, but this really isn’t about you' '____ ____ ____'3.07- Sheldon
'Are you currently pregnant?' 'No' 'Are you sure? You look a bit puffy' '____ ____ ____ ____'3.08- Penny
Greetings, homies, ____3.09- Howard
(To Raj) Yes, you’re ____ ____, too3.09- Howard
Wow. Looks like the Ganges on ____ ____3.09- Raj
Come on, Sheldon. let the ____ ____3.10- Howard
'Which is why I tend to feel threatened by other guys' 'Or loud noises, ____ and ____'3.10- Leonard
Yes, but we are on the subject, so ____ ____ ____ ____, Leonard, how are you?3.11- Beverley
So, Howard, have you and Rajesh finally summoned the courage to express your ____ ____ ____ toward one another?3.11- Beverley
'Mitzy's dead?' 'She was old and blind, Leonard. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____?'3.11- Sheldon
Why didn’t you tell me you were ____ ____ ____? Did I say that right?3.11- Beverley

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