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QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
Well I assume you’re not referring to ____ ____? Because I’ve come to learn that such inquiries are inappropriate2.01- Sheldon
You know, there are a lot of successful people in this country who are ____ ____ ____2.01- Penny
From now on I’m fully committed to the ____ ____ ____2.02- Leslie
I’m just wondering if you really gave it the ____ ____ ____2.02- Sheldon
Boy, you’d think you could trust a horde of ____ ____2.03- Penny
If it is a crime to ensure that the universities resources are not being squandered chasing ____ ____ ____ ____ then I plead guilty2.03- Sheldon
I’m surprised you struck out with Penny. Apparently she’s a ____ ____ ____2.03- Sheldon
I could be grinding on the fact that without my stabilizing telescope mount he never would have found that stupid little clump of ____ ____, but I’m bigger than that2.04- Howard
Alright, it’s ____, what do you want me to do?2.04- Leonard
Sheldon, not that we don’t all enjoy a good ____ ____ story, what’s your point2.04- Howard
I’m actually more of a ____2.05- Sheldon
Yes. Apparently I’m getting a ____ ____2.06- Sheldon
Well, to ____ ____, all the subatomic particles are there, I just have to put them in the right order2.06- Sheldon
'Oh, I’ll make a motion, but you’re not going to like it.' 'Fine. ____ ____ ____. At least put it on mute.'2.07- Sheldon
You’re not gonna need wingman, you’re gonna need a ____2.08- Leonard
That’s a good idea. There’s a bed in there, and I’m very, very, very ____ ____2.08- Leonard
Look, if you fail at this relationship, and ____ ____ ____ ____, then we risk losing the medical officer that our landing party has always needed2.09- Sheldon
Based on the ____ ____, his relationship with Stephanie should have ended after 20 minutes2.09- Howard
Good morning, Dr. Stephanie. I trust Leonard ____ ____ ____ last night2.10- Sheldon
There’s a whole buffet of women out there and you’re just standing in the corner eating the same ____ ____ over and over again2.10- Howard
No, because we don’t celebrate the ancient pagan festival of ____2.11- Sheldon
QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
Maybe I heard you wrong. A lot of words sound like ____2.11- Leonard
Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. You’d be the only ____ ____2.12- Howard
I’ve been informed that you have ____2.12- Penny
Yes, now he knows what ____ are capable of doing when you don’t treat them with respect2.12- Penny
Yes, well it’s better than what Wolowitz did. He drew a raccoon with what appears to be, a ____ ____2.13- Sheldon
Harness seems to be secure. Small amount of ____ just now, but the website said that’s to be expected2.13- Sheldon
They have Twizzlers instead of Red Vines. No amount of ____ ____ can compensate for that2.14- Sheldon
Leonard, do you not recall the last time we visited this ____, we returned home without pants?2.14- Sheldon
Koothrappali’s going to wet himself, I’m gonna throw up, Sheldon’s gonna run away, and you’re going to die. Shall we ____ ____ ____?2.14- Howard
It might explain why the two of you have created an ____ ____ ____ to satisfy your need for intimacy.2.15- Beverley
Come on, you’re trying to have sex with ____ ____, and I’m okay with that2.15- Leonard
Okay, Sheldon, I’m going to say why and your answer cannot be because I forgot my ____ ____2.17- Leonard
All right, now, before you enter my bedroom unescorted, I need you to understand that this onetime grant of access does not create a ____ ____2.17- Sheldon
And did you know the word “pumpernickel” comes from the German words pumper and nickel, which loosely translates to ____ ____?2.17- Howard
I guess that isn’t one of the topics discussed on your ____2.18- Sheldon
Penny, everything is better with ____2.18- Sheldon
Very well, but if this leads to ____ or hallucinogenics, you’re going to have to answer to my mother.2.18- Sheldon
Sorry, guys, but Secret Agent Laser Obstacle ____ is just stupid2.18- Howard
Penny, please, we’re facing a far more serious problem than ____ ____2.19- Sheldon
Alicia’s non-musical, childless and ____ ____. She’s still on probation, of course, but I like her2.19- Sheldon

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