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QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
Oh, really. ____ ____ if you’re here against your will2.20- Stuart
Chinese food, ____ ____ ____. After the nightmare of Anything Can Happen Thursday, this is Friday night the way it was meant to be2.20- Sheldon
No, no, no, no, don’t wake her. She’ll maul you like a ____ ____2.20- Sheldon
I bet he’s someone from ____ ____, we’re never going to guess2.21- Sheldon
While my compatriots are in Las Vegas, I will be enjoying a blissful evening in my personal ____ ____ ____2.21- Sheldon
Sure, why not? And after the sun’s down we can all ____ ____ ____ ____ and go skinny-dipping down at the creek2.21- Sheldon
Okay, I hate to break this to you and whatever your ____ is, but, I’m pretty sure she is a prostitute2.21- Leonard
And given it’s dimensions I have no intention of living out E.M. Snickering’s beloved children’s book , ____ ____ ____ ____ ____2.21- Sheldon
Oh, clever! Playing on the use of ____ ____ as euphemisms for bodily functions2.22- Sheldon
And, you know, treat her with, like, ____ ____ and, and, and, you know, fear2.22- Leonard
'Morning. What’s up?' ' Nothing. We just pulled an all-nighter trying to fix a zero-gravity… ____ ____'2.22- Leonard
‘Cause he’s upset over his situation with Penny and if I have to hear about it again, I’m going to kick him in ____ ____2.22- Howard
Perhaps you mean a different thing than I do when you say ____2.23- Sheldon
Third-graders will create ____ ____ ____ depicting scenes from my life2.23- Sheldon
That feels like a ____ ____. I’m going to stop here while I’m ahead, but I’ve had a great time2.23- Sheldon
How can it be that in the entire country of India, there isn’t one ____ ____?!2.23- Mrs Wolowitz
I am so digging the ____4.01- Penny
I did. He said, and I quote, ask Penny, it was her ____ ____4.01- Sheldon
So this conversation is as pointless as your ____ ____ soliloquy?4.01- Sheldon
QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
I’d suggest a lubricant, but I have a feeling you ____ ____ some of that as well4.01- Leonard
Interesting. Cause of death for Uncle Carl was ____4.02- Leonard
Really? You’re changing the ____ calendar?4.02- Howard
Until I can transfer my intellect to a more ____ ____, my body will remain safely ensconced in my bed4.02- Sheldon
It’s a game we invented. It’s called ____4.03- Sheldon
A ____ ____ of our names. Sheldon and Amy, Shamy4.03- Sheldon
She’s not my girlfriend. She’s a girl and she’s my friend, but there’s no touching or ____ ____ ____ ____4.03- Sheldon
I’m sorry, I’m-I’m still trying to work on the ____ Clark Maxwell, so…4.03- Leonard
Now, when you said on the phone he broke up with a girl, you meant an actual girl, not something you kids whipped up in a ___?4.03- Mary Cooper
Hello. I see you decided to go with ____ ____ ____4.04- Sheldon
It’s not gonna work, dude, I grew up in India, an entire subcontinent where cows walk in the street, and nobody has ever had a ____ ____ ____4.04- Raj
No point. It’s just one of the things that makes ____ ____ ____ ____ chuckle4.05- Sheldon
Sheldon, I’m just not dating someone right now. I don’t need to go to a ____ ____4.05- Leonard
Yeah, building on your premise, Leonard could frequent sushi bars, salad bars, oyster bars, the ____ ____ ____, what are you doing?4.05- Sheldon
To be clear, I meant like Bernadette, ____ ____ ____.4.05- Leonard
It runs on the world’s most powerful graphics chip, ____4.06- Sheldon
But it’s a shame our society mocks the differently ____. Who was at the door?4.06- Sheldon
Leonard, call me if you’re ____ ____ ____. Sincerely, Maggie McGeary4.06- Leonard

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