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QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide to create a ____ ____1.01- Sheldon
Tuesday night we played ____ ____ until one in the morning1.01- Sheldon
'How the hell did you get in the building?' 'Oh. ____ ____'1.01- Leonard
Technically that would be ____ ____1.01- Sheldon
I don’t know what your odds are in the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car goes, you’re a ____ ____ ____1.01- Sheldon
'Challenge accepted. We’re locked out.' 'Also, the ____ ____ ____'1.02- Raj
You know what, you’ve convinced me, maybe tonight we should sneak in and ____ ____ ____1.02- Leonard
I may have left a suggested ____ ____ for her bedroom closet1.02- Sheldon
And I hope that it won’t colour your opinion of Leonard, who is not only a wonderful guy, but also, I hear, a ____ and ____ ____1.02- Sheldon
No. No, now that was not my point. My point was, don’t ____ ____ ____1.03- Sheldon
They…. might all be there. Or a subset of them might be there, uh, ____ ____ there are too many unknowns1.03- Leonard
'No, six thirty’s great' 'I’ll get my ____'1.03- Leonard
Um, is that one thirty-six hour experience, or is it thirty six hours spread out over say, one… ____ ____1.03- Leonard
A sarape is open at the sides, a poncho is closed, this is a poncho, and neither is a reason to ____ ____ ____1.04- Sheldon
No, we’re not, we’re not, not a couple, two singles, like those ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ that…. are friends1.04- Leonard
An alternate, and somewhat less likely interpretation, is that you could ____ ____1.05- Sheldon
'We’re socialising. Meeting new people' '____?'1.06- Sheldon
And male partners. Animal partners. Large ____ ____, pretty much whatever tickled his fancy.1.06- Sheldon
Well, is she doing it one thong at a time, or does she just throw it all in, like some sort of ____ ____1.07- Howard
And your parents are comfortable with your ____ ____ ____?1.08- Dr Koothrappali
QuoteMissing PhraseEpisode and Character
____ ____ is a wonderful example of how liquids with different specific gravities interact in a cylindrical container1.08- Leonard
Why would I see her again? I already have a ____1.08- Sheldon
Hey, I’m damaged too. How about a ____ ____ ____?1.12- Howard
And you also have a note from your mother that says I love you, bubbula. But neither of those is a ____ ____ for titanium over nanotubes1.12- Sheldon
By that reasoning we should also play bridge, hold up a chuppah and enter the ____ ____ ____1.13- Sheldon
____ ____ ____, the answer is 130 adoseconds1.13- Sheldon
Why would a ____ ____ ____ be called anodised aluminium?1.13- Sheldon
Oh, I never joke when it comes to ____1.14- Sheldon
Well of course they’re movies. Were you expecting me to come up with an example involving a ____ ____ ____ ____? That’s absurd1.14- Sheldon
Well is that really necessary? If you need money you can always sell ____ and ____1.14- Sheldon
I guess that makes me ____ ____1.14- Howard
Is that what that was? I just assumed that the second grade curriculum had ____ ____ ____1.15- Sheldon
Yeah, no, I do, I use those… uh… just to polish up my… ____ ____ ____1.15- Leonard
You tell people I’m a ____ ____?1.15- Sheldon
'One of the ways we show we care about people is by putting thought and imagination into the gifts we give them' 'Okay, I see, so not a ____ ____'1.16- Sheldon
The former can easily overpower the latter giving ____ ____ to the notion of being rendered speechless1.17- Sheldon
He did break the implied confidentiality of the bedroom and, in your case, the elevator, parks and ____ ____ ____1.17- Leonard
'Yeah. Why not, I mean, what do I have to lose?' 'Yeah. ____ ____ ____'1.17- Leonard
Well, he didn’t actually say anything, but when he came back to the apartment he was doing a dance that brought to mind the ____ ____ ____ ____1.17- Sheldon
Unless you’re planning on running a marathon, choosing both stuffing and mashed potatoes is a ____ ____ ____1.17- Sheldon

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