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Can you name the post-1940 Pro Football Hall of Fame players who played for 3 or more NFL (or AFL) franchises?

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The AFL is included, but not any other non-NFL leagues. For some sense of perspective, the team that the athlete played the most games for is in parentheses. Non-current abbreviations used: RAI: LA Raiders, RAM: LA Rams, CRD: Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals, DTX: Dallas Texans (NFL), DTX-A: Dallas Texans (AFL, became Chiefs), NYY: NY Bulldogs/Yanks, NYT: NY Titans (Jets), '50 BAL: Baltimore Colts (folded in 1950); BAL is used for both the later Baltimore Colts and Ravens. HOU in all cases here refers to the Oilers.
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TeamsPlayerPlayer Info & Teams
5K, 1982-2007: (NO), ATL, NYG, KC, MIN
5CB/KR/PR, 1989-2005: (ATL), SF, DAL, WAS, BAL
5WR, 1978-1993: (GB), RAI, BUF, RAM, PHI
5WR, 1957-1968: (PHI), DAL, RAM, ATL, CLE
4QB, 1991-2010: ATL, (GB), NYJ, MIN
4CB/S/KR, 1987-2003: (PIT), SF, BAL, OAK
4QB, 1984-2000: (HOU), MIN, SEA, KC
4LB, 1985-1999: (RAM), PIT, CAR, SF
4DE, 1983-1997: (CHI), SF, IND, PHI
4RB, 1983-1993: (RAM), IND, RAI, ATL
4QB/K, 1949-1975: CHI, '50 BAL, HOU, (OAK)
4QB/K, 1948-1962: CHI, NYY, (DET), PIT
4FB, 1954-1966: SF, DET, (PIT), HOU
4HB, 1952-1966: (CRD), RAM, DET, PHI
4HB, 1952-1964: (SF), MIN, NYG, DET
4DT, 1950-1961: '50 BAL, NYY, DTX, (BAL)
3DE, 1997-2011: (MIA), WAS, NYJ
3QB, 1998-2009: (STL), NYG, ARI
3LB, 1990-2009: (SD), MIA, NE
3WR, 1985-2004: (SF), OAK, SEA
TeamsPlayerPlayer Info & Teams
3WR, 1987-2002: PHI, (MIN), MIA
3DE/DT, 1985-2000: (PHI), GB, CAR
3DE/LB, 1984-1999: (MIN), ATL, SF
3WR, 1980-1995: (WAS), NYJ, PHI
3CB/S, 1981-1994: (SF), RAI, NYJ
3WR, 1969-1986: HOU, CIN, (SD)
3K, 1967-1985: (KC), GB, MIN
3TE, 1974-1984: (OAK/RAI), HOU, MIN
3QB, 1970-1984: (OAK), HOU, NO
3LB, 1969-1983: BAL, GB, (OAK/RAI)
3DT, 1968-1981: KC, (HOU), DET
3QB, 1957-1975: PIT, CLE, (DTX-A/KC)
3DE, 1961-1974: (RAM), SD, WAS
3OT, 1964-1973: (PHI), RAM, OAK
3WR, 1958-1973: NYG, (NYT/NYJ), CRD
3TE, 1961-1972: (CHI), PHI, DAL
3DE, 1953-1969: CLE, (CHI), NO
3CB, 1952-1965: RAM, (CRD), DET
3QB, 1948-1964: '50 BAL, (SF), NYG
3HB, 1942-1953: PIT, DET, (WAS)

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