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QUIZ: Can you pick the British vocabulary identified as 'U' (upper class) as opposed to that identified as 'non-U' (aspiring middle class) in the 1950s?

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The terms U and non-U were coined by linguist Alan S. C. Ross in 1954 to distinguish the speech of the English upper class from that of the middle class. Lower class speech was not at issue. The linguistic divide using these terms was popularized by Nancy Mitford in the essay "The English Aristocracy" and the distinction caused quite a stir in its day, though not all aspects are maintained today. Also see
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U/Non-U OptionsU Terminology
Which is U... couch or sofa?
Bike or cycle?
Midday meal: lunch or dinner?
Greens or vegetables?
Rich or wealthy?
(A1) 'They have a lovely home' or (B1) 'They've a very nice house'?
Insane: mad or mental?
Dentures or false teeth?
Playing card: jack or knave?
Looking-glass or mirror?
U/Non-U OptionsU Terminology
Napkin or serviette?
Lavatory or toilet?
'Pardon?' or 'What?'
Pudding or sweet?
Cemetery or graveyard?
Glasses or spectacles?
Perfume or scent?
Drawing-room or lounge?
Dress suit or dinner jacket?
(A2) ice or (B2) ice cream?

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