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What MLB player known for his time with the Mets is the only member of Mr. Burns' softball team of ringers not to suffer a mysterious fate before the big game?Sports
A picture of what longtime Detroit Red Wings hockey player was used by Bart as a photo of 'Woodrow', his fake romantic interest for Mrs. Krabappel?Sports
What country was the first non-U.S. location to be visited by a member of the Simpson family on the show (Bart as an exchange student in Season 1)?Geography
What country do Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers escape to with the trillion-dollar bill after being discovered by U.S. authorities?Geography
What song was the greatest hit of Homer's barbershop quartet, the Be Sharps?Music
What jazz saxophonist introduces Lisa to the blues and helps her through a difficult period?Music
What Mexican film director was enlisted by Mr. Burns to direct his entry to the Springfield Film Festival, 'A Burns for All Seasons'?Movies
The climactic line of Springfield Retirement Castle's 'edited for seniors' edition of what movie is 'Frankly, my dear, I love you — let's re-marry'?Movies
The last lines of what Simpsons-universe TV character were 'I have to go now — my planet needs me'?Television
What children's TV show featuring Moldy, Bubbles, and Gloomy is one of Maggie's favorites and was once used to torture the babysitter bandit?Television
Unscramble this mixed word puzzle to reveal an icon of stage and screen: MOT HANKSJust for Fun
Only who can prevent forest fires?Just for Fun
Bart is chagrined to find what similar first name has been recognized with a vanity license plate keychain at the Itchy & Scratchy World gift shop, while his has not?Miscellaneous (Baby Names)
What Springfield dining establishment's finest food stuffed with its second-finest is lobster stuffed with tacos?Miscellaneous (Food)
Mr. Burns has never forgiven his mother for an affair she had with what U.S. president? History
When trying to cover for his absence from his show's set to deliver a pizza, Krusty accidentally airs an old episode in which he breaks the news of what 1982 conflict?History
What French author of 'La Comédie Humaine' does Marge consider a good example of someone who was able to accomplish great things without the benefit of air conditioning?Literature
According to what Chilean poet (with whose works Bart is familiar) is laughter the language of the soul?Literature
What adjective spuriously meaning 'legitimate' is used to describe the word 'embiggens' in the Springfield town motto?Language
What Scrabble word played by Bart is claimed to mean 'a big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin (and a short temper)'?Language
What plant organism was created by Homer by crossing two members of the Solanaceae family in the presence of plutonium?Science
According to Springfield Elementary's Oscar Mayer-sponsored periodic tables, what element's atomic weight may be described either as 'delicious' or 'snacktacular'?Science
What violent video game did Bart attempt to shoplift from the Try-N-Save after his mother refused to buy it?Gaming
'Tell me more', 'Trenchant insight', and 'Bon mot' are the available moves in what arcade game based on a Wallace Shawn/Andre Gregory film that is played by Martin Prince?Gaming
Being tricked into performing the entire score to what Gilbert and Sullivan light opera proves to be the undoing of an attempt by Sideshow Bob to kill Bart?Entertainment
Who is the sidekick of the Simpsons-universe comic book character Radioactive Man?Entertainment
A supposed fossil of what type of supernatural being ends up being a publicity stunt for the new Heavenly Hills Mall?Religion
What religious cult centered around 'The Leader' do Homer and the kids join before being de-programmed with beer and the promise of hover-bikes?Religion
In the pilot-episode Christmas special, what notable gift is received by the Simpson family?Holiday
What snake-centric local holiday, celebrated May 10, was called 'distasteful and puerile' by a panel of hillbillies?Holiday

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