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Can you identify each of these movies where water serves as an important plot element, either as motivation for the plot at large or in a key role in a certain scene?

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1939The plucky Midwestern heroine of this classic film sends her main enemy to a watery end after previously having crushed her sister to death.
1962In this movie, the protagonist's guide is killed by his future ally Sherif Ali for drinking from a desert well without permission (following Ali's notably cinematic approach from across the sands).
1964The events of this dark comedy are set into motion by Air Force Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper, who believes that the Soviets have been using fluoridation of the water supply to taint the 'precious bodily fluids' of Americans.
1972The tagline of this film, whose plot is driven by the aftermath of a rogue wave, was 'Hell, upside down'.
1974In this classic neo-noir film, private investigator Jake Gittes uncovers a dark web of conspiracy founded on the manipulation of the water supply of Los Angeles.
1976In this sci-fi film, the alien Thomas Jerome Newton (famously played by David Bowie) comes to Earth on a mission to bring water back to his drought-stricken home planet.
1986This French film and its closely linked sequel (either is accepted) tell the multi-generational story of intrigue over control of a spring whose water allows crops to flourish in the dry Provençal climate. Gérard Depardieu plays the role of the hunchbacked titular character, with Daniel Auteuil and Yves Montand as his nemeses.
1988This Luc Besson film, which was a major blockbuster in France, concerns the rivalry between two competitive free divers (played by Jean Reno and Jean-Marc Barr) who push themselves to the limit in reaching great depths.
1988This Robert Redford-directed film, named after a fictional agrarian conflict in a New Mexico town, pits a Hispanic farming community against resort developers. The illegal diversion of water to irrigate a farmer's bean field is seen as an act of defiance.
1993Ripples in a glass of water herald the arrival of a major antagonist in this film (and water from a similar glass is used to illustrate chaos theory).
1995The protagonist of this film, known as The Mariner, sails around in a trimaran collecting dirt from the ocean floor - a rare commodity due to the rise in water levels.
1996In this sports movie, the outmatched underdogs are inspired to greater performance with a special drink known as 'Michael's Secret Stuff' which is actually (spoiler alert!) water. There's not quite enough to go around for Wayne Knight's character, though.
1997The pivotal scene of this movie which features actor Billy Zane (among others) involves a ship taking on more water than its design constraints will safely allow.
1998In this movie, lovable Cajun scamp Bobby Boucher, who was told his father died of dehydration in the Sahara, helps the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs get clean water instead of the filthy water they had been drinking before.
2000This movie is based on the true story of the fight to hold Pacific Gas & Electric accountable for tainting the groundwater of Hinkley, California with hexavalent chromium.
2000The action of this film, set in Mississippi during the Depression, is motivated by the fact that the valley where a stolen treasure is said to be hidden is about to be flooded as part of a hydroelectric project.
2000In this movie, a fishing crew based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts battles the waves and rain in the hopes of a great catch.
2002In this movie, an alien invasion is thwarted due to the fortunate fact that the alien species is vulnerable to water (and to a lesser extent, baseball bats).
2002The evil plot in this movie, a Jackie Chan comedy-action vehicle in which donning a certain piece of menswear gives him special powers, is to poison the world's water supply and force people to drink the villain's bottled water.
2004In this movie, a change in the Gulf Stream current unleashes a tidal wave on Manhattan, as well as a wave of cold that instantly freezes anything it encounters.
2005In this major franchise reboot, villain Dr. Jonathan Crane laces the city's drinking water with a drug that causes terrifying hallucinations - though the water will need to be vaporized for it to take effect.
2008In this spy franchise movie, the goal of villain Dominic Greene (who is posing as an altruistic environmentalist) is to gain control of the water supply of Bolivia.
2010The protagonist of this post-apocalyptic film is looking for a source of water when he comes to a ramshackle town run by a man named Carnegie. Conflict ensues over the protagonist's most valuable possession - a copy of the Bible.
2011Starring Johnny Depp as an animated chameleon who comes to a town populated by other desert animals, this film's plot centers on the discovery of a conspiracy involving the water supply that is an homage to this quiz's 1974 film.

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