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Yankee Don Mattingly was ordered by Mr. Burns to trim his sideburns in an episode of what TV show made prior to his real-life feud with Steinbrenner over refusing to get a haircut?Television + Sports
What U.S. city served as the setting for the Drew Carey Show?Television + Geography
The music video for what Dire Straits song featured early computer animation and the phrase 'I want my MTV', and was named 1986 video of the year by that same network?Television + Music
TV news anchor Howard Beale, best known for exclaiming 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!' was the main character in what 1976 film?Television + Movies
Paul Giamatti won an Emmy award for portraying which early U.S. President?Television + History
Colin Firth taking a swim while wearing a white shirt in what literary BBC miniseries was later voted the most memorable event in a British TV drama?Television + Literature
What famous astrophysicist has been oft-parodied for his phrases containing the words 'billions' and 'trillions' in his 1980 television series 'Cosmos'?Television + Science
What televangelist hosted a show called the 'PTL Club' with his wife from 1974 through most of the 1980s, until he was implicated in a wave of scandals?Television + Religion
What media figure and talk show host was the creator of the game shows Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune?Television + Gaming
What quirky TV show created by David Lynch featured idiosyncratic speech in dream sequences produced by speaking the lines backwards and reversing the scenes in playback?Television + Language
What holiday featured on 'Seinfeld' begins with a ceremony known as 'The Airing of Grievances'?Television + Holiday
The English name for the sport jai alai means 'merry festival' in what language primarily spoken in Spain and France?Language + Sports
Dzongkha, meaning 'language spoken in the dzong' (a type of fortified monastery), is the official language of what Himalayan country?Language + Geography
What 1983 Billy Idol hit features the French backing vocals 'Les yeux sans visage'?Language + Music
The film 'Closely Watched Trains' ('Ostře sledované vlaky'), which won the 1967 Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film, was primarily shot in what language?Language + Movies
What famous stone, rediscovered by one of Napoleon's soldiers in 1799, features a decree written in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demotic, and Ancient Greek?Language + History
'Droog' is a term meaning 'friend' in the slang known as Nadsat featured in what novel?Language + Literature
'Vulpes vulpes' is the scientific name for what animal, based on the animal's name in Latin?Language + Science
The Vedas, key scriptural texts in the Hindu religion, were written in an early form of what language which holds official status in the Indian state of Uttarakhand?Language + Religion
The popular board game known as 'draughts' in Britain commonly goes by what name in North America?Language + Gaming
'Nadolig Llawen' means 'Merry Christmas' in what language?Language + Holiday
What NFL team has played the most games on Thanksgiving Day by a wide margin, with 76 appearances?Holiday + Sports
Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14, features a major parade down the Champs-Élysées in what major European city?Holiday + Geography
The classic holiday rap song 'Christmas in Hollis' was released in 1987 by what pioneering hip-hop group?Holiday + Music
What classic holiday movie sees Santa Claus committed to Bellevue Hospital for insanity and features the newspaper headline 'Kris Kringle Krazy? Kourt Kase Koming'?Holiday + Movies
William the Conqueror was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day of what year?Holiday + History
The title of which poem written by John McCrae that holds an important place in Remembrance Day ceremonies refers to the northern region of Belgium where he served in WWI?Holiday + Literature
What type of hemiparasitic plant that extracts nutrients from a host tree is sometimes used as a Christmastime decoration?Holiday + Science
What Hindu holiday celebrated in the autumn is known as the 'festival of lights'?Holiday + Religion
The letter 'shin' found on what holiday game object is generally replaced by the letter 'pei' in Israel (standing for 'here' rather than 'there')?Holiday + Gaming

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