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Wrote the famous works 'War and Peace' and 'Anna Karenina'
The first Russian city
Romantic composer, 'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker'
Capital of Russia for over 200 years until the Russian Revolution of 1917
Founded the Bolshevik party during Russian Revolution
Russian-American novelist, developed philosophy called Objectivism
Most popular religion in Russia
Former prime minister and president starting May 2008
Wrote the famous work 'Crime and Punishment'
Famous Russian model, well-known for advertising for Calvin Klein
Writer whose now-famous play 'The Seagull' was poorly received upon reception
Gift Tsar Alexander III gave to his wife Maria Fedorovna
Largest city and national capital
Ruler who transformed the Tsardom of Russia into the Russian Empire
Led the Soviet Union during the Cold War, rule culminated in Cuban Missile Crisis
15-year-old fashion designer who gained popularity stateside
Russia's first tsar
National currency
Empress who modernized Russia yet caught much personal scandal
Russian instrument with triangular body and 3 strings

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