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Can you name the British Tv Shows using the characters mentioned?

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Trixie Franklin, Sister Monica Joan, Dr Turner
Jim Trott, Hugo Horton, Letitia Cropley
Pete Brockman, Ben Brockman, Karen Brockman
Edina Monsoon, Patsy Stone, Marshall Turtle
Charlie Carson, Isobel Crawley, Earl of Grantham
Mark Corrigan, Jeremy Usborne, Super Hans
Tom Quinn, Erin Watts, Tessa Phillips
Tony Stonem, Pandora Moon, Franky Fitzgerald
Neil Sutherland, Carli D'Amato, Mr Gilbert
Hyacinth Bucket, Elizabeth Warden, Daisy
Tom Good, Jerry Leadbetter, Margo Leadbetter
Frank Gallagher, Mimi Tutton, Karen Maguire
Alisha, Nathan, Kelly
Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Lance-Corporal Jones
Polly Sherman, Manuel, Major Gowen
Gavin Shipman, Bryn West, Vanessa Jenkins
Jim Royle, Denise Best, Cheryl Carroll
David Brent, Dawn Tinsley, Gareth Keenan

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