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Can you name the various words and names that contain 'NAP'?

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Hint'NAP' word
Phase of cell cycle when chromosomes split (8)
Repetition of a clause's beginning for emphasis (8)
Capital of Maryland (9)
Himalayan section with 14 peaks >7,000m tall (9)
Thin bread or cracker with a savory topping (6)
A short, light sleep (6)
'The Racing Capital of the World' (12)
Not suitable or proper in the circumstances (13)
An impudent person or mischievous child (10)
To take someone away by force (6)
To strike and make tools out of stone (4)
Bag with shoulder straps (8)
Native Americans known as the Delaware Indians (6)
Californian county known for its wine industry (4)
Substance used in bombs and flamethrowers (6)
Hint'NAP' word
Back of one's neck (4)
John _____, inventor of logarithms (6)
Square cloth used to prevent mess when eating (6)
Italy's third largest municipality (6)
French revolutionary leader of House Bonaparte (8)
British term for a baby's diaper (5)
Website facilitating free exchange of digital music (7)
Strong alcoholic drink, often fruit-flavored (8)
Flower resembling a mythical creature's face (10)
Potter's Potions professor (5)
Red marine fish that is valued as food (7)
Informal, quickly taken photograph (8)
Area where nerve impulses are transmitted (7)
Without shame or regret (12)
Not attractive in appearance or taste (12)

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