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Hint'TEN' Word
Rod or wire used to transmit radio signals (7)
Jane ____, author of 'Emma' and 'Mansfield Park' (6)
Sir David ____, English naturalist (12)
Mixer and server of drinks (9)
Hundredth anniversary (10)
Hayden ____, portrayer of Anakin Skywalker (11)
Emphasis on reason in 17th-century Europe (13)
Attach firmly or securely in place (6)
Johannes ____, inventor of movable type printing (9)
Extremely great concentration, power or force (9)
School for children between 4-6 years of age (12)
____ Stewart, portrayer of Twilight's Bella Swan (7)
Doubly landlocked alpine country (13)
Deputy or substitute acting for a superior (10)
Arboreal weasellike mammal hunted for its fur (6)
Hint'TEN' Word
Melted or liquefied by heat (6)
Balkan country with cities Nikšić and Podgorica
Developer of the Gamecube, Game Boy and Wii (8)
Viggo ____, portrayer of the LOTR's Aragorn (9)
Prison for people convicted of serious crimes (12)
____ Island, one of five New York City boroughs (6)
Slender, leafless stem of a climbing plant (7)
Canary Islands' most populous island (8)
US state, home to Memphis and Knoxville (9)
Element previously known as ununseptium (10)
Aztec altepetl located in Lake Texcoco (12)
____ Hotspur F.C., English football club (9)
Metallic element with a melting point of 3410°C (8)
Implement or device used for cooking (7)
Marked on paper, as opposed to spoken (7)

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