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Can you name the various words and names that contain 'TWO'?

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Hint'TWO' Word
Painting, sculpture and photography, amongst others (7)
Margaret ____, Canadian author and literary critic (6)
Temporary and quickly constructed fortification (10)
Los Angeles neighborhood or Essex town (9)
Reliable in honoring debt obligations (12)
Tree or shrub material that floats on the sea or washes ashore (9)
Clint ____, star of five 'Dirty Harry' films (8)
Unsegmented, bilateral, soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Platyhelminthes (8)
_____ Mac, British-American rock band formed in 1967 (9)
Manner of lower limb movement in sports and dancing (8)
Dense inner part of a tree trunk that yields the hardest timber (9)
Group or system of connected people or things (7)
Perform duties better or faster than (7)
No longer acceptable, usable or practical (7)
Decoratively coated surfaces of a wall or car body (9)
Female who performs dangerous acts in place of an actress (10)
Able to be relied upon to be honest or dutiful (11)
Coupon offering a pair of items for the price of one, especially tickets for a play (6)
_____ Miller, star of FOX's 'Prison Break' (9)
Vivienne _____, renowned modern punk and new wave fashion designer (8)

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