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Which nation borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates?
Which city is the capital and most populous city of Jordan?
Which French city is the largest city the river Somme flows through?
Which station is on the Trans-Siberian Railway between Tyumen and Novosibirsk?
What collective term is given to artifacts related to the history and culture of American people?
With over 21 million speakers, name the official working language of Ethiopia.
Which explorer was the first to reach the South Pole in 1911?
Name the largest city in Nebraska that is also the birthplace of President Gerald Ford?
In which Indian city will you find Sikhism's most important gurdwara, the 'Golden Temple'?
Which city in the Texas Panhandle was named after the yellow wildflowers that bloom in spring there?
Which American university is located in the Druid Hills of Atlanta, Georgia?
In which city will you find the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House?
Which dynasty of caliphs based in Damascus ruled the Islamic World from 660 to 750 AD?
Which river is the largest in the world by volume of water?
What is Seattle's official nickname, in reference to the city's evergreen forests?

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