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Which Swedish city is separated from Copenhagen by the ├śresund Bridge?
Which microstate is located on the French Riviera?
What is the name of Thomas Jefferson's residence in Virginia?
Davao City and Zamboanga City are situated on which Philippine island?
Which European nation has Cetinje designated as its Old Royal Capital?
What name is given to Venezuela's largest inlet and second-largest city?
Which resort in Palm Beach, Florida, was purchased by President Donald Trump in 1985?
Guerrero and Baja California are all states of which nation?
Which African capital city is located on the north coast of the island of Bioko?
Which Californian city did George Lucas base his film America Graffiti in?
Name the country whose three largest municipalities are Casablanca, Fez and Tangier.
Which atoll forms a legislative district of the Marshall Islands?
A 400km-stretch of Honduras' and Nicaragua's eastern coastline has what insect-related name?
Which South American city hosted every match during the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?
What is the capital and most populous city of Mozambique?

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