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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions about Hong Kong and its Handover from the United Kingdom to China?

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Hong Kong first became a colony of the British Empire on August 29 of what year?
Who was the sovereign of the British Empire when Hong Kong was first colonized?
What name is given to the series of wars surrounding the time of its colonization?
In which former Chinese capital was the first peace treaty signed after the first of these wars, outlining the cessation of Hong Kong?
Which specific part of Hong Kong was first ceded to the United Kingdom according to this treaty?
Which European empire also played a major role in the second of these wars?
After that second war, what part of Hong Kong became the second one ceded to Britain?
The second treaty that stipulated this was signed in which Chinese 'National Central City'?
In order to ensure proper military defence of the British colony in Hong Kong, which third piece of Hong Kong fell under the control of the British in 1898?
How long was this last part of Hong Kong officially leased to the United Kingdom?
Which British Prime Minister entered talks with China in 1982, and eventually agreed to return all three parts of Hong Kong at the end of that lease period?
Who was the Prime Minister of China in these talks, but died just months before the Handover?
Responsible for making its Legislative Council more democratic, Chris Patten was the 28th, and final person to hold what official Hong Kong post?
In which year was sovereignty over Hong Kong officially transferred back to China on July 1?
Who was the President of China that attended the Handover ceremony?
Who was the British Prime Minister also present at the ceremony?
What does 'SAR' stand for when Hong Kong is referred to as 'the HKSAR' after the Handover?
After the Handover, Tung Chee Hwa became the first head and representative of the HKSAR, otherwise officially known as the Chief _______.
Whose portrait stopped appearing on Hong Kong's postage stamps after the Handover?
What transportation hub was built hastily between 1991 and 1998, as a result of pressure from Beijing to minimize expensive projects in Hong Kong after the Handover?
What can be seen above the harbor on the evening of the July 1 every year to commemorate the HKSAR's Establishment Day?

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