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So in this typing
challenge, I'm going
to tell you about
Orangemen's Day.
'Orangemen's Day',
otherwise known as
'Orange Day', 'the
Glorious Twelfth'
or just 'the Twelfth',
is a Northern Irish
holiday celebrated
on the twelfth
of July. The date
commemorates the
Battle of Boyne,
which took place on
July 1, 1690, on the
Irish east coast.
On one side were
Kings James of
Scotland and James
of England and
Ireland, versus
Prince William of
Orange. (There's a
French county called
'Orange', so that's
where the House's
name derives from.)
The Battle of Boyne
is important in Irish
history, because the
Kings of Scotland
and England then
were Catholics, and
Prince William was
a Protestant. Prince
William of Orange
won the Battle
and became King
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William III. In many
towns, Protestant
organizations hold
marches, and
participants often
wear dark suits.
And if they're
very traditional,
they also wear
black bowler hats
and white gloves.
They also wear
a 'collarette', a
long, thin, orange
piece of cloth
that drapes around
the neck and forms
a 'V' in the front.
In these parades,
large banners with
images of William,
other Protestant
heroes, historic
and Biblical scenes,
and political
slogans may also be
carried. A band
also marches
with celebrators
playing instruments,
like the 'Lambeg
drum', a large drum
almost one meter
in diameter, and
weighing over 30lbs!
The trouble with this
holiday is that it can
get tense at times.
Northern Ireland is
split between
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Catholicism and
Protestantism, and
such large parades
can sometimes
be seen as
insulting to
Catholics. At times,
this has even led to
violence. However,
the good news
is better policing
of these festivities
recently has
made the parades
more peaceful. The
Twelfth is now seen
as a cultural, family-
friendly event for
both locals and
tourists alike.
To learn more,
Google is your
friend… but
one last thing that
should be shared
is why Orangemen's
Day is celebrated on
July 12, when the
Battle took place
on July 1. This is
because Ireland
used to use a
different calendar,
so July 1 was
corrected to July
12 later. Anyway,
your arms must
be ACHING now,
so I'll let you go.
I hope you all had fun!

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