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Can you name the various words and names that contain 'ONE'?

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Hint'ONE' Word
Pork sausage from Bologna (7)
Blade fixed to a rifle's muzzle (7)
Italian dish resembling pizza folded in half (7)
Chinese dialect spoken in south China (9)
Al ____, Chicagoan gangster during Prohibition (6)
Person who accompanies and supervises (9)
George ____, star of 'ER' and 'Ocean's Eleven' (7)
Small crown worn by lesser royalty (7)
Area of inward spiraling winds (7)
Deceitfulness or untruthfulness (10)
Industrial city in eastern Ukraine (7)
Botswana's capital and largest city (8)
Daughter of King Menelaus and Helen of Troy (8)
SE Asian nation, formerly the Dutch East Indies (9)
Basic monetary unit of Denmark and Norway (5)
Hint'ONE' Word
Puppet worked from above by strings (10)
Pacific nation composed of over 2,000 islands (10)
Claude ____, French Impressionist painter (5)
Queen of the Underworld in Greek mythology (10)
Advocate for a theory or proposal (9)
Wayne ____, notable English footballer (6)
Intestinal bacterium that causes food poisoning (10)
Sylvester ____, known for playing Rocky Balboa (8)
Writing materials such as pens and paper (10)
Neolithic monument in Wiltshire, England (10)
Common name for the femur (9)
Northern Irish county bordering Lough Neagh (6)
Mobile telecoms company worth £89.1 billion (8)
Sad or miserable in appearance (9)
National park hosting the Old Faithful Geyser (11)

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