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Researchers claim there are 3 billion of what on Earth, with 15 million being lost yearly to human activity?2nd
Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal died of pneumonia at age 75, holding what world record?4th
Which German airline cancelled 84 long-haul flights as pilots went on strike about corporate restructuring?8th
What natural disaster struck Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt, sending hundreds to hospitals?8th
Which soccer player became the highest goalscorer for England in a UEFA Euro match vs. Switzerland?8th
Queen Elizabeth II became Britain's longest-reigning monarch, surpassing the record set by who?9th
Palaeoanthropologists claim to have found a unique hominin species (Homo naledi) in which country?10th
Which British politician was elected to represent the U.K. Labour Party?12th
David Ortiz, a member of which team, became the 27th player in MLB history with 500 career homeruns?12th
Which Asian nation's government advised 2.8 million people to evacuate due to heavy flooding?13th
Which bone did doctors 3-D print and implant for the first time at Salamanca University Hospital, Spain?13th
In tennis, who won the US Open's men's singles final?13th
Who was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Australia?15th
Police arrest members of an international crime syndicate for selling synthetic forms of what drug?16th
Jose Ramon Cabañas Rodriguez became which country's first ambassador to the U.S. since 1961?17th
The 2015 World Cup of which sport had its opening ceremony at London's Twickenham Stadium?18th
Which network's 'Sábado Gigante' ended as the longest-running variety show in TV history?19th
Which TV show won the Emmy for best drama series at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards?20th
Apple Inc announced that it will speed up work on what invention to be ready for 2019?21st
After a court ruling in California, Warner/Chappell Music had no copyright to which song?22nd
Martin Winterkorn resigned as the CEO of which car company after an emissions cheating scandal?23rd
What is the name of the pilgrimage to Mecca, during which a stampede killed over 2,000 pilgrims?25th
Australia refused entry to which singer, due to his conviction for domestic violence against Rihanna?27th
Which nation's government has banned inexperienced mountaineers from climbing Mount Everest?28th

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