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Can you answer these questions on news and events that occurred in June 2015?

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A city with 4 million smokers, which Asian capital banned smoking indoors and in many outdoor areas?2nd
Surgeons at Houston Methodist Hospital performed the world's first transplant of which body part?4th
A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Sabah province of which country near Borneo's Mount Kinabalu?5th
World leaders attended which diplomatic conference in Krün, Bavaria, Germany?7‒8th
Which multinational technology company announced a new music streaming service?8th
Which writer wrote 'Don Quixote' and was formally buried in Madrid 399 years after his death in 1616?11th
Rupert Murdoch appointed his son, James, the new CEO of which mass media corporation?11th
Which Spanish king stripped his sister Cristina of her titles after she was charged with tax evasion?11th
What natural disaster struck Tbilisi, destroying zoo enclosures and releasing animals on to the streets?14th
Six people were killed after a balcony collapsed near which University of California campus?16th
The U. S. FDA mandated that by 2018, what substances must be eliminated from all foods grown or sold?16th
Which real estate mogul and reality TV host announced his bid for the Republican Party nomination?16th
The U. S. Treasury announced that a woman will replace which founding father on the American $10 bill?17th
Nine people were shot dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in which U. S. city?17th
Which nation is suffering from a severe heat wave, with more than 1,400 associated deaths so far?18th—
Despite being banned for over 30 years, Japan announced plans to resume what activity in the Antarctic?22nd
The 27th journalist killed since Benigno Aquino III took office died from a gunshot in which Asian nation?25th
ISIL claimed responsibility for four attacks around the world during which annual Muslim observance?25‒26th
The U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the recognition and provision of what is a fundamental right?26th
Which Oceanic island nation began its 11 day coronation ceremony for King Tupou VI?27th
An explosion injured over 500 civilizians at a recreational water park in which Asian country?27th
The death toll associated with which viral respiratory infection rose to 33 in South Korea?29th
Which nation failed to make a €1.6 billion loan repayment to the International Monetary Fund?30th
What was added to the Coordinated Universal Time clock for the first time in 3 years?30th

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