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Can you name the various words and terms that contain 'FUN'?

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Hint'FUN' Word/Term
To finance a project with money given by many people, typically over the Internet (9)
No longer living, existing or functioning (7)
Most populated atoll of the island nation of Tuvalu (8)
Capital city of the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira (7)
Constituting an essential part of something (11)
Upper part of the stomach that bulges above the entrance from the esophagus (6)
Bay of ____, a bay located between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine (5)
Musical piece performed often by military bands, with one famously written by Chopin (7, 5)
Kingdom of organisms including yeasts and molds (5)
A practice fly ball tossed in the air and hit by a player (5)
Cable railroad, especially on a mountainside (9)
A genre of music mixing soul, dance, jazz and R&B (4)
American dessert made by deep-frying batter (6, 4)
Musical based on the life of Broadway star, Fanny Brice (5, 4)
Performed routinely, with minimum effort (11)
Great depth or intensity of a state, thought or emotion (11)

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